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Soulful R&B/reggae singer Lea Love has just announced her upcoming EP release “The Way I Am,” out this spring off Mensch House Records! Combining full bass lines, sensual lyrics, and warm harmonies, Lea creates an environment of hypnotic and sweet sonic bliss for listeners to enjoy. The first single from the EP, “No Feels” is out now and premiered on SoulBounce, with the retro music video for the track premiering on Reggaeville! She will also be touring nationally this winter with Fiji in support of her upcoming EP release.
Reflecting on The Way I Am, Lea says, “I am excited to announce my very first EP, “Way I Am”, will be dropping later this year! I can’t wait to share my music with you all. It has truly been a labor of love, and it’s inspired by all my life experiences thus far. I will be releasing my next single “One Too Many” very soon. I’m a hopeless romantic, so it’s a fun record about those moments you have a bit too much fun and get a little too carried away by your feelings for someone else. Catch me on tour starting February 8th with 
the legendary Fiji! Be one of the first to see live performances of the new records and more!”
Born and raised in Oceanside, CA, singer-songwriter Lea Love’s multi-layered artistry draws from her rich Hawaiian, Japanese, and Samoan heritage. She began writing at the age of 10, often drawing inspiration from many types of musical genres. This diversity is evident in her songs, which ranges from R&B/soul to island reggae to pop. Her other recent single, “Doctor", is also available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, and has received critical acclaim. Listen to Lea Love’s newest music, which TopShelf Reggae deems “almost a mental cure-all” now.
The Way I Am Tracklisting: 
1. One Too Many
2. Way I Am
3. Black and White
4. No Feels
5. Set the Mood ft Jemere Morgan

Tour Dates:

Friday, Feb 8 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR 
Saturday, Feb 9 - Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA
Sunday, Feb 10 - One Love Festival - Long Beach, CA 
Friday, Feb 15 - Soundwell - Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday, Feb 16 - Brooklyn Bowl Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, Feb 21 - Goldfield Trading Post - Sacramento, CA
Friday, Feb 22 - The Ritz - San Jose - CA
Saturday, Feb 23 - The Ritz - San Jose - CA






A true citizen of the world, Iakopo's feel ties his vast influences together to create a hypnotic reggae sound. His highly anticipated upcoming album Waves is out now off tastemaker label Mensch House Records! The album was recorded and produced by Chaz Rox in Carson, California, and features prominent songwriters Bo Napoleon, Yaccahmoe, and Moi fromTomorrows Bad Seeds. 

Iakopo currently resides between Jamaica, Tokyo and Miami. He was born in California, the son of a music teacher, who trained him to play piano at the tender age of 3. After a difficult childhood, Iakopo was eventually adopted and raised by a Samoan family on the South Pacific island of Upolu Samoa, where he lived an island lifestyle in a small village. Iakopo remembers life there as being tribal and close to nature. There were no refrigerators, beds, TVs, or modern amenities. He did not have the noise of pop culture buzzing in his ear and distracting him, which allowed him to connect with, to see, to feel, to understand, and to process the world in an organic, filter-free way.  “I think I benefited from my surroundings and the love that I received from the people.  And I didn't face typical Western world pressures - to hurry up and do or be this; I wasn't on the clock. I was very free to explore and my mind was free to imagine and create,” says Iakopo.


On the making of Waves, Iakopo says, “This album of work is particularly meaningful to me, because of the people I worked with. I worked and recorded with the same people for the entire project, which was dope in the sense that we were able to build a continuity and flow with all the  songs. Most of the songs were all created based on real life situations that I had  personally gone through. During the recording process it was real and very organic. I wanted to give a certain vibe to the project that could connect the energy of ideas of reggae music, and where it comes from in a real sense, and connect that with the urban listeners in America.”


Waves includes powerful and synth driven tracks like “My Revolution,” where Iakopo gives his lyrical take on the state of today’s world, “They wanna keep our minds in a small box, they don’t want unity they want us all divided.” Other standout tracks on the album include a dubbed out track about spiritual growth “Legends,” the acoustic and soulful love song “On” featuring Bo Napoleon, the skank heavy song “WWYD (What Would You Do),”  and many more.

An accomplished songwriter, Iakopo has made Billboard-charting records with his Japanese singles "Break Free," "Love Like This," "When I See You Smile," and "I Believe,” (the latter of which was a top downloaded song on Hawaiian iTunes).  He's worked with superstar musician Shaggy on their charismatic and charming song "Touch Down." And most of all, Iakopo's newest material is truly combustible.  





After this past summer’s acclaimed project with The Nextmen, Gentleman’s Dub Club return with the hotly anticipated album, ‘Lost In Space.’ True connoisseurs of blending influences from genres such as dub, reggae, ska, bass culture, jazz, and everything in between, the band has adopted a futuristic tone as they continue their mission to discover the ultimate bassline. Pre-orders for the record launch started on Oct 5th with first single, ‘Stardust’ and second single ‘Turning Back’ (Featuring Million Stylez) was released on the 7th December. Third single ‘Light The Fuse’ was released on January 11th, and the full album is out today!


Teaming up once again with the mighty Easy Star Records has resulted in only one outcome: a euphoric journey through time, space and bass. Diving straight into the deep end with the ruckus that is ‘Light The Fuse,’ the record is set up with rumbling heavyweight bass movements that naturally match the controlled chaos of ‘Eye Of The Storm’ and ‘Midnight Healing.’ Meeting every unique end of the spectrum, Gentleman’s Dub Club once again draw on their incredible ability to fuse sounds together until they feel like they’ve always belonged.


From the earth-rattling sounds of the first single ‘Stardust,’ to the blockbuster proportions of ‘Intergalactic’, the deep undulations of ‘Ground Shakin’ and onto the beautifully melodic and aptly titled ‘Out Of This World’ – no comet is left unburnt. Joining the band on this interstellar adventure are the equally awesome Million Stylez and Winston Francis, who feature on ‘Turning Back’ and ‘Walking Away’ respectively, both of which have feel-good, ear-to-ear smile vibes throughout.


The well-known role of a debut single from a forthcoming album is to set the tone and create an intro for the delights that are to follow – ‘Stardust’ did exactly that, announcing itself with a flourish of fanfare-like horns, and getting straight down to business as lead singer Johnny Scratchley delivers the anthemic chorus: “Stardust rushing through my bloodstream / I wanna get higher”. The tension builds as the horns come back in and we cascade into a heavyweight one-drop riddim, giving anyone within earshot no choice but to start moving to that irresistible GDC groove. We are then taken on a mission seen through a kaleidoscope, blasting off into outer space as the intoxication takes hold. Hedonistic scenes run alongside intergalactic imagery, until the post-chorus draws everything together with the declaration “I found myself lost in space”.


Gentleman’s Dub Club are firing themselves up for a big 2019, as second single ‘Turning Back’states: “There ain’t no turning back, get ready cause we’re on the attack.” Released on the 7thDecember, this reggae masterclass takes it up a notch with the unmistakable eccentric vocals of Million Stylez. Overflowing with groove and an infectious rhythm, it’s impossible not to move to this track. Infused with the origins of rocksteady, whilst combining the explosive signature rhythms that GDC are known for, ‘Turning Back’ ticks just about every box there is to tick.


Third single ‘Light The Fuse’ kickstarts GDC’s year with explosive impact. The phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ couldn’t be more apt with this deep dub roller. If there was ever a track to start an album this is it, a no nonsense, get-up-and-go banger that encapsulates the space theme and introduces the Gents with the energy levels set to maximum. 


A colossal 2018 saw Gentleman’s Dub Club take their energetic, jaw-dropping live show across the UK, Europe, and beyond, with a hefty touring schedule including world famous festivals such as Bestival, Shambala and Boomtown, and gigs in such far flung places as Tunisia, Iceland and La Réunion. Add to that the devastating uppercut that was ‘Pound for Pound,’ where they teamed up with The Nextmen alongside the likes of Joe Dukie (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Kiko Bun, and Hollie Cook (to pick just a few), and their call-up from the King himself, David “Ram Jam” Rodigan, for a special one-off takeover of his BBC 1 Xtra show, it isn’t hard to see why this year will be classed as a monumental 12 months for the band.  


For now, it’s time to let the music do the talking – if you’ve been searching for an album to soundtrack a weekend of good vibes and a week of bouncing beats, countdown from 10 and find yourselves ‘Lost In Space.’


Label: Easy Star Records

Album Release Date: 1/25/19

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